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Hanging Light Fixtures Made Easy
Works with "Can Your Light" & Ceiling Fans

Stop living with poor lighting. Use the totally unique Can Converter™ from JSB Enterprises in Temecula, California, to convert your recessed light fixture, can light, and ceiling fan. Contact us today and join the more than 5,000 people who have made their lives easier by buying this conversion kit. Our converter can be used with Elco™, Elite™, Halo™, Juno™, Lithonia™, Lightolier™, Luminaire™, and Progress™ products.


Recessed light fixture, ceiling fan, can light. Temecula, CA

Recessed Light Fixture and Can Light Conversion Kit

The Can Converter is a revolutionary product that adapts almost any recessed light fixture or can light to work with other types of light fixtures. This handy light adapter makes it a snap for anyone to install can light conversions. You can modify can lights to hang a ceiling fan, ceiling light, light canopy, swag light, pendant light or just about any other type of light fixture in minutes - can conversion has never been so easy!

The Can Converter works with most standard types of lights, including juno lighting and halo lighting and most varieties of can light kits, can light fittings and can light hardware.

So if you've been wishing you could replace all the can lights or halo lights in your home with ceiling fans, The Can Converter is what you've been looking for!

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